- Which graphic tablet are you using for your digital art?
iPad Pro 9.7 + Apple Pencil and my Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 Touch

- Which software are you using?
Procreate and Adobe Photoshop CC


- Are you taking Commissions for Cover Artworks?
Yes, please send you inquiry here .I am always very busy with commissions so please message me as early as possible and expect a delay since I don't do this full-time.

- Are you taking commissions for custom Gameboys, Consoles..etc?
Not at the moment, so please don't ask about these kind of commissions. I will announce If I ever take commissions again. I rather want to work on my own projects for now.


- What Models are your CRT/PVM?
A Sony Trinitron PM-2730QM, Sony Trinitron PVM-9L2 and a Panasonic AG-500

- What Model is your car?
It's a Honda Prelude 2.0 EX (BA4) Sound Edition from 1989. In the US it's called a "Prelude Si"
Please don't recommend me any mods on my car. It's completely stock and has a historical licence plate which is ONLY possible if you keep your car stock in germany!

- Are you fully self-employed?
No, I am currently having another part-time job as safety and variety.

- Where do you get your inspiration from?
Mainly 80s/90s Anime, 80s fashion, 80s Music and Video Games.

- When did you start collecting 80s and 90s gear and where do you get your stuff from?
I started back in 2012 and I mostly get my stuff from eBay, eBay Kleinanzeigen (which is classifieds in most countries), charity/second hand stores and flea markets

- What got you into art?
I draw since I can hold a pen so I can almost say I was born to be creative! It's my passion.
What kept me drawing, I guess, was watching and adoring Animes and Cartoons.

- What got you into custom painting and modding?
I once had a NES in a very bad condition. I googled how to fix it and bought some spray cans to give it a fresh and new look. After I was done I had a satisfying feeling and need to "save" more consoles. I then combined it with my art style and started making 80s inspired custom paint jobs! Same with the Gameboys. I knew that it was possible to mod them with fancy backlights and such, so I tried it on my own. Learning by doing!

- Where do you get your Modding Parts from?
I get my parts from Retromodding . I am also one of their Brand Ambassadors.

- I saw your Art on Apparel online, are brands really stealing your work?
Not that I know! Many people messaged me about Vapor95, but I am officially working with them.


I wanted to order something from your etsy store but shipping doesn't seem to be available in my country.
Due to COVID-19, the german postal service "Deutsche Post", which is the only affordable postal service here, is currently not offering shipment to countries like Australia.. . It is not in my hands and I can't do anything about it than just wait 'til it's available again. In the meanwhile you are still able to purchase small items like Stickers and Prints of my etsy store.
More information about shipping to your country here:

- I saw artworks on your portfolio which aren't available as merch (t-shirts, prints, etc...). Why's that so and is it possible to get it as T-shirt or Print? 
Most of my works are commissions for Musicians or clothing brands. They are the rights holder and I am not allowed to sell my own merch of it.

- What measurements do your T-Shirts have?
Please see the size chart here