Customized Consoles + Handhelds & more

Custom Transparent pink glitter GBC Shell: spray painted shell comes with all buttons, a new plastic display, the metal cartridge plate, battery contacts & screws.
Cute custom Pastel PAL PS1 (Modded): spray painted complete console with a Mizucat print (comes without any cables or controllers), PAL, Plays burned games, power light is overpainted.
Custom GB Classic + Backlight Mod: spray painted complete handheld with a Mizucat print and holographic glitter, white backlicht mod, white power LED mod, new plastic display, custom buttons, comes without the cable (Mizucat Logo is just a custom Cartridge which is NOT included)
Custom SEGA Gamegear Shell: spray painted shell comes with all original buttons, a new plastic display and the metal cartridge plate, please remind that this is a original shell which got spray painted. The shell has a little damage on the left side of the D-Pad which doesnt seriously bothers
Custom Black holographic glitter Shell GBP: spray painted shell comes just with a new plastic display and metal cartridge plate.
Custom USB Gaming Controller in Sega Saturn Style: spray and handpainted holographic glitter Controller

60,00 €

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